Beth Louise is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog written by a Welsh girl named Beth. When I first started my blog I blogged about just beauty but fast forward a few years later I’ve thrown myself into a bit of everything including travel, advice posts and my thoughts on the blogging world written in the most honest/girl talk way. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know me best as ‘the girl who lives in her dressing gown’ .. if I don’t have to leave the house I’ll be found in my pjs because who the hell can chill in jeans?! Nah not me. You might also be familiar with my fuckboy rants and general girl chats stories which I live for – I’m often told by my readers that I’m ‘relatable’ and I like to think coming to my blog and watching my Instagram stories feels like you’re just chatting with a friend over a glass of something sparkly or a cuppa, whatever takes your fancy!

I’ve built up a loyal following over the past couple of years and I’ve been lucky enough to work with brands such as House of Fraser, John Frieda, GlamGlow, Thorntons, So…? Fragrances, QUIZ clothing, Bubble T and False Eyelashes.