Christmas Gift Guide

I think I love Christmas the most mainly because of the gift guide posts people put together… it’s just the best way for a lazy girl to find some super cute presents she hasn’t thought of herself! I’ve found some brilliant presents through gift guide posts especially when it comes to what to buy my dad because let’s be honest, dad’s are the hardest to buy for. I mean, there’s only a certain number of times buying slippers or new pants becomes a joke really! I’ve put together a few bits which would make perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas whether that be your bezzie, your mum, dad, aunt, uncle, whoever you’ve liked enough this year to get a present for. You can read last years post here (apologies in advance… reading old posts always makes me cringe).

P.S – don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place if you want sorta ‘on a budget’ presents and not something that will leave you skint. I’m over the gift guides that include a £90 candle in the stocking filler section. Thank u next.

Amazon Echo Dot

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This year we bought my grandparents one of these as they loved our Alexa one so we thought they’d like their own. They’re super handy and makes music sound 10x better. Older people have some crazy obsession with the weather so these Amazon Echo’s tell you what the forecast is too.

Essie Sets

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I never seem to buy nail polishes for myself so receiving them for Christmas is always nice. Essie do cute little duos or Christmas sets that would make the perfect gift for a beauty lover.

Jewellery Box Heart Necklace*

Buy here

Jewellery Box is such a cute brand especially when it comes to gifts. My favourite is this heart necklace and I’ve given my friends some gifts from there in the past.

GinWith Subscription Box*

Buy here

This is the perfect Christmas present for any gin lovers out there. It comes with a bottle of gin, two bottles of tonic, fresh garnishes and some snacks. The perfect night in present right there!

If your dad is anything like mine it’s impossible what to buy them. Slippers is always a go-to for me and if you want to make them look extra nice, this pair from Amara are a good match.

I love reading useful books so for a book lover, giving them Fearne Cotton’s book happy would make a lovely gift. It’s all about finding joy in the little things and how to lead a more happy life which is something all of us could do with learning more about. So many shops these days sell little handbags or clutch bags so if you know someone who loves getting dressed up and going out why not get them a new bag? Skinnydip have so many cute ones and makeup bags. I love receiving bags as I don’t often buy myself a new one I just stick to what I have and there’s nothing better than having a brand new one!

Here’s some more present ideas:

I hope you all have the best Christmas!

Beth x

*Some items in this post have been sent to me for reviewing purposes.


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