Why You Should Stop Caring About Instagram

Instagram has annoyed us all over the past year – the algorithm, the people buying followers, the people who follow and unfollow and most importantly the engagement levels have dropped. I’ve definitely been one to complain about all of the previous things but moaning isn’t going to change it so I started to switch up how I use Instagram.

It can be so disheartening when you’re producing content you love and you aren’t growing a following especially when blogging is a number game these days. You can keep producing the most amazing content, put effort into shooting photos and it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle. But… it’s important to remember that the followers you already have enjoy your content, that’s why they follow you. Instead of worrying about the followers you don’t have, focus on the ones you do. Interact with them and take the time out to reply to their comments. Go over and like some of their photos and leave a comment too. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t reply to comments or even give the comment a like to show you’ve seen it. There is nothing worse than seeing someone avoid answering the ‘where did you get your top?’ question… nah not about that life. I’ll send you the link and a discount code if I can find it because gals gotta help each other out. Am I right?

Build a relationship with your followers, reply to DM’s and make your stories interactive. Try and comment on 5 posts a day and follow new accounts every day too. You can’t expect people to engage with you if you aren’t willing to engage back and that’s something that has really stuck with me this year. We often moan about how our photos do crap and how no one likes them but ask yourself, how often do you go and like photos or leave a genuine comment? (this doesn’t mean go and spam everyone with ‘nice pic’ comments because they’re just not worth having at all).

Another thing I see a lot of people doing are Instagram pods. I don’t have a huge issue with them, if they work for you then great but I found it to just force fake engagement and it was stressful. Incase you don’t know, an Instagram pod is a group full of bloggers/influencers/whatever you want to call them sharing their recent uploads and you all have to go over and leave a like or a comment. Some pods I used to be in were sooo stressful, you’d literally have to schedule time out of your evening to sit and comment on everyone’s photos before uploading your own, you’d be harassed if you missed a few out and if life just got in the way I found myself feeling bad about it?! So I left them all. It got to the point where I’d be sitting in the bath catching up on everyone’s photos before I could upload my own and if I didn’t, my life wouldn’t be worth living. I’d have five girls on my back! How ridiculous is that. Let me have my bath in peace!

Yes they were good for a bit but I found myself relying on the people in the group to leave comments on my photos. I wasn’t putting effort into the content I created because I knew I’d get 15 girls commenting on my photo and since leaving I’ve found my content improved and I appreciate the people who interact with my photos so much more because I know it’s genuine. They comment because they want to comment and I comment on posts because I want to, not because it’s a number game.

It’s important to remember that what you see on social media isn’t always real. I hate the fake side of social media and Instagram is the worst for it. I know everyone posts the good sides of their life because who really wants to upload a photo of themselves with no makeup, sudocrem all over their face in a tracksuit? But next time you scroll down Instagram and start thinking:

”Why don’t I look like that?”

”How does she have more followers?”

Remember that what you see isn’t always real.

Girls I used to look up to I’ve recently found out have bought their following. Everyone uses filters and edits their photos and everyone has days where they look like a toe. I defo have them days far too often.

I’ve stopped caring about what others are doing, if they’re buying followers then I hope karma catches up with them but it’s draining to be so focussed on other people. I used to get so annoyed about it and want to call the people out but so many people are doing it that it’s impossible to do that. You’d be there all day! I’m used to going on my Instagram and seeing the follower number has decreased, then it goes up again and then it drops again but I’m more focussed on enjoying the content I create and interacting with the followers I do have. When you switch your mindset you enjoy Instagram sooo much more.

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  1. November 22, 2018 / 5:50 pm

    Well said! I think being active on the app is so important, you definitely need to interact and follow people. I always love your stories 🙂 and I loved the bit about looking like a toe! Hahaha, I can definitely relate. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. November 27, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    Preach!! I definitely needed to hear this; at the beginning of the year I was growing so quickly, and now it’s slowed right down (from January to April I gained around 600 followers, and from April to now I have no joke gained 50… I just get so many bots following and then unfollowing).

    Lexie x

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