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It’s rare that I fall in love with hair products that completely change my hair routine. There’s two things I never have the patience for, and yes I’m a beauty blogger who hates certain beauty routines. I have no patience for doing my nails, hair and cleaning my makeup brushes. I always choose the false nails option because it’s quicker and requires less patience and when it comes to hair I always choose the simple options – curls, straight or a ponytail. I’m not really adventurous when it comes to hair, never have been and probably never will be!

Panasonic EH-NA65 Rose Gold Hairdryer Review

I always used to hate drying and straightening my hair because I have so much hair and after spending ages contouring my face to make me look half decent the last thing I feel like doing is spending ages on my hair. I’ve used my trusty GHD straighteners for years – I feel like straighteners are the type of thing you buy once, you hope they’ll last you ages and you never really look at another one unless you have to but since trying Panasonic I’ve been converted. I haven’t used my GHD’s since or my old hairdryer.

Panasonic EH-NA65 Rose Gold Hairdryer*

Firstly, when I knew the hairdryer and straighteners were rose gold I was already in love because I’m that typical girl who loves anything rose gold. It just makes them look so much nicer than standard black like I used to have! This hairdryer features nanoe-technology which claims to add shine and volume to your hair and it really does do that. When I first dried my hair with it, I noticed a huge difference to the point where my mum even complimented how nice my hair looked (I dread to think what I looked like before then…). My hair felt softer, it looked shiny and healthy and I couldn’t stop touching it.

Panasonic EH-NA65 Rose Gold Hairdryer Review

It comes with three speed and temperature settings so you can choose what suits you best. This hairdryer has a and there’s styling attachments you can pop on the end for different variations – such as a diffuser attachment which adds volume and defines curls, a quick-dry nozzle and a set nozzle. The Panasonic hair dryer isn’t as loud as my previous hairdryer which is always good because I hated how loud my other one was. It’s like when you go in the shower and think someone will be behind the curtain ready to murder you so I hate having a loud hair dryer – I like to hear what’s still going on in the house! Slightly psycho I know but we all have these crazy thoughts even if we know it’s just not gonna happen.

Panasonic EH-NA65 Rose Gold Hairdryer Review

The NA65 is advertised to be lightweight but I found it to be a little heavy but it doesn’t bother me too much because of how it makes my hair look, it’s worth it. Considering I have quite thick hair it seems to dry my hair really quickly which is a complete lifesaver – there’s nothing worse than sitting there bored out of your mind waiting for your hair to dry and your hand is ready to fall off. No thank youuuu.

Panasonic EH-HS99 Rose Gold Straighteners*

As I mentioned briefly above, before trying these straighteners I always used GHD’s for years. When I got these straighteners out of the box, I was surprised at how thin the plate was because my GHD’s had huge plates. Just like the hairdryer, it has nanoe technology so it leaves your hair feeling soft and hydrated. The plates are ceramic-coated which means the chances of it burning your hair are much lower and it provides protection from your hair breaking whilst you’re straightening it.

Panasonic EH-HS99 Rose Gold Straighteners

There’s five different heat settings, I personally always go for the hottest but you can choose what setting you prefer. For those of who you panic ‘have I turned the straighteners off?’ when you leave the house, you’ll be pleased to know these straighteners have a sensor system so if you don’t use them for an hour they automatically switches off… how amazing is that?!

Panasonic EH-HS99 Rose Gold Straighteners

I’ve noticed my hair feels softer since using these Panasonic straighteners and you don’t need to keep going over parts of your hair in order to get it straight as it heats up quickly.

I’ve dyed my hair numerous times so it’s nice to use two new hair styling tools that actually leave my hair feeling and looking healthy! If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a loved one or wondering what you could put on your Christmas list this year, I couldn’t recommend these enough.





*This post is in collaboration with Panasonic which means the items featured were kindly gifted to me however all opinions are my own.


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  1. December 1, 2018 / 1:41 pm

    I’ve never tried Panasonic hair tools before (I’m a Tresemme fan, haha!). Loved the review x

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