Am I Seeing A Fuckboy?

If there’s one thing in the world I despite it’s most definitely fuckboys. If you haven’t come into contact with one yet then count yourself lucky, but I’ll put money on you coming across one at least once in your lifetime. Soz but it’s a fact.

They are everywhere.

Wanna know the most annoying thing? Sometimes you don’t even know that the person you’re seeing is in fact a gigantic fuckboy!

I’m here with another instalment of my dating guide (if you missed the first post you can catch up here) telling you some ways on how you can spot a fuckboy. This should be taught in schools I swear.

For those lucky ones out there who have no idea what I’m on about (let me know where you’re from so I can move to your area because I’m surrounded by them), you might be wondering what the hell is a fuckboy? Here’s some signs you might want to look out for…


Am I Dating A Fuckboy


The classic ‘you up’ text

You’re in bed and think Domino’s has text you with a good offer because you could seriously do with some pizza right now but no, you get the ‘you up’ text instead. What a let down. This text is usually sent with one intention only and I’ll leave that one for you to work out. Usually from the boy who never makes plans in the day to see you but when 9pm rolls around he’s all up for Netflix and chill.


So in love with himself he can’t love anyone else

We all know the type. Can’t shut up about himself or the gym – basically the only two things he can hold a conversation about. You can’t get a word in about yourself because he’s so in love with his own voice he hasn’t bothered to ask how you are.


Lies out of his teeth

Fuckboys lie but they don’t do it well. They might the first few times but you usually get a gut feeling it isn’t right. Go with your gut feeling! Do the stories they tell you not add up? Have you seen them tagged in photos from the night before with people they didn’t say were going? Does he tell you how hot other girls looked? Does he say how girls were ‘all over him’? They might try to win you back by showing you lots of affection but then that slowly disappears leaving you feeling like you need to rely on them for something.


Calls all his ex’s crazy

If a boy hasn’t got one good word to say about his ex’s, it rings alarm bells. Fair enough if something bad happened but if there’s no sign of anyone cheating and he just labels them as ‘crazy’, it might suggest the girl just got sick of his shit and left. You have to wonder why did the girl go crazy or ‘psycho’..


Bit of a player

Think of Adam from Love Island going from one girl to the next and not giving a crap about their feelings or letting them down. That’s a fuckboy right there. They’ll see ‘their type’ and completely forget about the one they’re currently seeing.

He’s always out with ‘the boys’

Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely healthy to both have separate lives and see friends etc but it’s not normal when every time you try to make a plan they’re too busy ‘down the pub’ or ‘out with the boys’. I always say if someone shows you they don’t care believe them. No one is too busy, you make time. If you feel like they’re in a relationship with the boys more than you then it might be a warning sign especially if they just cancel plans last-minute with you to go out with them.


Regularly ghosts you

Does the person you’re seeing regularly disappear out of your life, ignores texts and calls and then comes running back when they realise they’re bored and want sex? Fuckboy alert.


Doesn’t want to commit

You might believe you can change someone like this but you won’t. If someone wants everything but making it official, leave them. You deserve someone who wants to be with you, someone who doesn’t hide you away, someone who posts photos with you and someone who knows what they want. Not someone who is ‘confused’ or ‘doesn’t know right now’. If they wanted to be with you, they’d know and that’s when you turn around and say no.


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  1. August 17, 2018 / 10:15 am

    Literally you kill me with the fuckboy posts and insta stories!! Living for them haha…you look like a bad ass in the photo too. Great post idea, loved it Beth xxx

  2. August 25, 2018 / 11:11 am

    I wasted 5 months of my life dating a fuckboy. This was another really great post. It cracked me up because these character traits are so true!

  3. August 31, 2018 / 6:29 pm

    I have definitely talked to a fuck boy or two in my time, and these are great signs. For anyone who doesn’t know how to watch out for a fuckboy, these are perfect! Great post Beth xxx

    Melina |

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