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If you’re a follower over on my Instagram (if not, follow me here) you will know that since last year I started doing what I call ‘mini vlogs’ over on my story. I remember when Instagram first launched their story feature, everyone was up in arms because it was another version of Snapchat yet these days I don’t even look at my Snapchat at all! I love filming hauls, personal stories, talking about what I’m up to, PR unboxings, family things, boy dramas.. you name it I love talking about it. It’s almost like talking to a friend and I’ve heard those watching also get that vibe which is really nice to hear. My stories have had such a positive response and have grown massively since when I first started. I’m constantly blown away by the nice messages I receive on a daily basis. Here’s a few reasons why I love it and hopefully if you’re feeling a bit scared to post stories this will encourage you too!

Instagram Story

1. You see the real me

One thing I find really important when reading a blog or even watching someone on YouTube is feeling like I can relate or connect with them on some level as it just makes you always want to go back for more. With blog posts, although you can type the way you talk and throw in a bit of your personality, it’s very hard to get your full personality across. You can’t put that person’s voice to words or actually see what they’re like behind the blog whereas with Insta stories you can. You can see the way I am, the way I talk and what I’m really like. I don’t find it scary at all because I’ve always had that type of relationship with friends – I much prefer to Facetime them and voice note because I find it’s much easier to have a chat and explain things. Of course I still use texts, but filming myself talking is something that came quite naturally.

2. Helping people

I really love how I can talk about something and make a difference whether that be sharing an app that’s changed my life (such as Clue which is the best period tracking app ever!), giving advice or shouting out my favourite bloggers, I know those watching trust my opinion and can take something away from my stories. It’s such a nice feeling knowing you can talk about a makeup product and know that you’ve built up a following who trust your opinion and want to go out and buy that product.

3. Cheering people up

I never even thought this would happen but I’ve received messages from people saying that they constantly check if I have a new one up because when they’re having a crap day, it makes them feel better and is a good escape because they genuinely feel like they’re catching up with a friend which is the most loveliest feeling.

4. Meeting new people

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of the nicest people whether that be bloggers I’ve spoken to for ages, new bloggers I’ve never spoke to before or even people who aren’t bloggers and have nothing to do with the blogging community. It’s nice to talk to a range of people, all ages, different countries, backgrounds yet all get on and also having different opinions but able to discuss it in a mature way rather than it ending in an argument. I find on Twitter if you tweet your opinion on something which could be quite controversial, instead of having a mature discussion, people just jump down your throat and kick off – can’t be bothered for it! At least on Instagram stories you can fully explain your point and it seems to be people reply to that giving their opinion in a much more respectful way which I’m all for.

That’s it for my main reasons why I love so much – I genuinely think I’m addicted and quite possibly will be filming my wedding day on my stories knowing me!! Keep the DM’s keeping and if you don’t follow me already then what are you doing?!

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  1. August 4, 2018 / 10:11 pm

    It’s funny, cause while I was following your twitter way before following you on instagram, I think I saw a thread about someone bullying you and being rude, and I started following you on Instagram to hear the Tea on the drama. Since then I absolutely love you and your stories! I feel like we’re friends (even though we’re really not). You’re just so relatable and nice. I wish I wasn’t so nervous to use instagram stories more. Maybe one day I will! Great post Beth xxx

    Melina |

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