The Pressure To Look Good | Plastic Surgery

You’re sitting on the sofa scrolling down Instagram and really feeling the pressure to look good in today’s society. You see someone with not a hair out-of-place, the ‘perfect’ lips, jaw line strong enough to kill someone, cheekbones on point and no undereye bags.

You: Omg why don’t I look like that? Why don’t my cheekbones look like that no matter how much I contour them? Why isn’t my concealer hiding my bags? I’m never buying that concealer again it’s not working.

Reality: A year ago said person didn’t even look like that. It’s called plastic surgery.

Those of you watching Love Island every night will be familiar with Megan. When Megan entered the villa, everyone was instantly in love with her looks before she had even opened her mouth. Now we know she’s actually a huge snake and not very liked by the public, but inside the villa the boys can’t get enough of her. Why? Because look at her. The below photos have been going viral – it shows Megan before surgery and after where she apparently spent 25k on a whole new face. Shocking right? Apparently she’s had botox, a new nose, new chin, lip fillers – the lot.  I think she looked beautiful before and after personally. Look at Samira, she’s feeling the pressure to look good. We saw her feeling insecure because no one fancies her in the villa and everyone is going for Megan instead. This actually reflects society in a sad way. The girl who spent 25k to look completely different, has a disgusting personality and is not very nice to people gets the attention whereas the girl with quite a nice personality gets none. Let this be a lesson – you can get all the surgery in the world but it won’t replace a disgusting personality. Be a nice person instead and be your best version of yourself – you’ll attract the right one just like Samira will eventually find her one too.

Personally I think Megan underneath is actually very insecure and loves attention from the boys to boost her confidence. She relies on that to make her feel good. You can spend all the money in the world again on changing your body and enhancing what you have, but if you don’t feel good inside then what’s the point?

The pressure to look good - plastic surgery

We’re so used to seeing the ‘perfect’ bodies, the ‘perfect’ face, the ‘perfect’ hair that we don’t even notice that these people have had surgery anymore. It just becomes normal. It’s become normal to scroll down Instagram and sit and feel insecure about the way you look just because you haven’t got a couple of grand to throw away on your face because let’s be honest, that’s what it comes down to. These people wouldn’t even look the way they do without money.

I have no problems with plastic surgery because if getting plastic surgery makes someone feel more comfortable and confident in themselves then why not? I’m not going to sit here and say I’d never get plastic surgery either because I don’t know what the future holds and the point of this post isn’t to sit and put down anyone who has made that decision. What someone chooses to do with their body is their choice. However, I do have a problem with the society we live in today where it’s likely young people will grow up thinking they need surgery to look attractive. I have a problem with people feeling like they’re ‘ugly’ because they don’t look like the girl they follow on Instagram or for someone to feel they need surgery for a boy to fancy them. The right person will like you for the way you are with or without surgery.

Everyone has things they dislike about themselves. Ideally I’d like bigger boobs and slightly bigger lips but I’ve just accepted that my boobs are the way they are. There’s worse things that could be happening right now in my life than sitting complaining about my boob size! Sit and think what you dislike about yourself or what you would change and then think about it the way I do: I’m healthy, I’m happy and I got given what I have so you have to work with what you’ve got. I dye my hair because I can, I do my makeup differently some days because I like to mix it up for myself, I fake tan because it makes me feel more confident. I don’t do any of this to ‘fit in’ with today’s society, I do it because it makes me feel better about myself.

You don’t need to look like that girl on Instagram you keep comparing yourself too because you’re perfect the way you are. I can almost put money on that person on Instagram not being fully happy with themselves either. That’s the thing, you’ll never know that from staring at a photograph. People show the best versions of themselves online. The edited version. The filtered version. Remember that next time you’re on Instagram because what you see isn’t always real. Everyone has insecurities, just not everyone shouts it from the rooftops. Someone could look at your Instagram and want to look like you whilst you’re too busy looking at someone else to notice how pretty you actually are. Someone may be jealous of your hair, your eye colour, how happy you are whereas you want someone else’s hair – It’s an endless cycle! Be happy with what you have and accept it.

If you aren’t happy with something, change it but make sure it’s for yourself only. If you feel like you want to be fitter, start running or do a home workout. If you don’t like the colour of your hair and you feel like you’d be confident with a different colour, then change it. What are you waiting for? But please don’t let society tell you it’s normal to throw 20k at a new face because society is lying. Inner happiness is more important than what the outside looks like and you don’t need to look like anyone else.

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Beth x



  1. July 16, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    Preach girl! I’m all for plastic surgery if you’re actually doing it for yourself. Like you said, the issue I have with today is with all the plastic surgery and Photoshop it’s a bit difficult for young people to grow up and feel confident the way they were born! Most of them follow these people around wishing they looked like these people, and if they bought the same products they will be able to achieve the same looks. It’s impossible to look like them if they went under the knife in order to do so! Great post beth xx

    Melina |

  2. August 1, 2018 / 7:32 pm

    As a make-up artist, it scares me to see people wanting to have surgery to look like Instagram filters. Social medias are creating unicorns and I’m not sure it’s good for anyone’s mental health to be constantly compared and judged.

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