Celebrating Female Friendships

As you might already know, Lily Pebbles wrote a book called The F Word (you can buy it here) which is all about the importance and celebrating female friendship and her book inspired me to create this blog post. I firmly believe that women are always being compared to one another whether that’s in the media, blogging or in general day to day life but you rarely hear people talking about female friendships and why they’re important.

I don’t know about you but I’d go insane if I didn’t have at least one person to rant to about my day or talk to about girly stuff and I’m so glad blogging has allowed me to meet and talk to so many amazing people. I decided to put on my Instagram story that I was looking for a few random people to help me out with a blog post all about friendship and the first few people who replied I chose to help me. I asked them to say what type of friend they’d count themselves as whether that be the one everyone goes to for fashion advice, boy advice etc and what qualities they think they have as a friend. I also said they could mention a friend in their little paragraph and then they can surprise their friend by sending them the link to this post which I thought would be a good way to celebrate female friendship.


”I am always the friend who people come to when they need advice. It can be the smallest advice about food or makeup or they come to me about big life decisions. I have always been that friend which is surprising to me because I never thought I gave the best advice but I think people just see me as trusting and completely neutral on decision making. I also think I am honest and I never beat around the bush. If I don’t think something is right then I will say it and if something goes wrong, I will always be there for my friends and never say ‘I told you so;’ when things happen, you need a supportive friend, not someone who gloats, which I think I am very supportive. I like to be very open and honest with my friends. I never want to make someone feel like rubbish and not tell them why. I don’t enjoy ghosting friends. If you do not like something that your friend might have done, my advice is to sit down and have a chat with them. Tell them what they did hurt you or made you uncomfortable and if they do not accept that, it is okay but then you know where they stand. Misha and Kelly, thank you for being the light when everything seemed so foggy and joking about my misfortunes. Thank you for the endless coffee chats and late night phone calls now that I am thousands of miles away. I love you guys!”

 ”I’m the flaky but forever friend, we can go ages without talking however when we talk again ,it’s as if nothing has changed, and I’m the friend that will listen to whatever is on their mind. For qualities I’m a good listener and I’m very positive. I’m the cheerleader for all my friends I love encouraging them to do things! I also have a vine for every situation and for advice just be yourself, as then you know people will like you for you and you’ll be so much happier”
”I’m the friend people go to for either life advice or beauty questions. I’d say some of my best qualities are: I do want the best for my friends, I’ll put 100% into making sure they’re okay and I’m always honest with them. My number one piece of advice for friendships is honesty and always being there for one another! Your friends will respect you for being honest and sometimes friends can go a while without talking, then meet up like nothing’s changed. They’re the best friendships”
”I’m the type of friend where people would come to me for advice about anything under the sun I would give my honest opinion whether it mean they’re in the right or wrong. I’m that friend who is free at 8pm or 3am doesn’t matter the time or day, what I’m doing or where I am. I think with friendships you’ll know who is in for the long haul and who is there to mess around so just be aware. My best friend in the entire world is a girl I found in my 2nd week of college. I was so scared to talk to her but becoming her friend I realised she is like me (piggy, messy and knock knock.. it’s our inside joke). This girl isn’t just my bestie she has become the best sister I never had. I don’t know what I’d do without my Valeria
”Be there for your friend and listen. It’s two of the best qualities you can have and I’d like to think I’ve got them. You don’t have to be an expert on ‘said’ subject, but giving people support and a shoulder to cry on is sometimes exactly what people need. I think I’m the friend people go to when they have general issues from work to boys. I’ve got amazing friends from the blogging community – Hannah, Charlie, Eva etc – the list goes on. They’re fab and overall incredibly supportive. Love them!”
”I know I’m the crazy wild friend but I’m certain I’m the go to person when any of my friends need anything from advice, a shoulder to cry on or a flavour. I am definitely the person everyone tells everything to, secrets are safe with me. I’m really positive so I think I’m a good listener and I really care for everyone no matter how long I’ve known the person 10 months or 10 years. To be a good friend you have to be loyal, open minded, supportive not competitive and respectful. Friend code always. I absolutely adore my best friend Brooke, it really is the purest friendship and I know for sure she’ll be there with me forever, she’s helped me out of my darkest places and has never judged me for the choices I’ve made. I can’t wait to grow old with her”
”I’d say I”m the mum of the group. I’m always trying to make sure that everyone is okay, if I have a friend that’s ill or upset I’ll always try to be there for them by taking them a few essentials (if they’re ill) or some comfort food that I know they like (if they’re upset). I’d say it’s those things and the fact that I’m always there if people need me for anything that makes me a good friend. Advice would be if you really care about someone and value their friendship, always try and resolve your differences if you fall out. There’s no problem that can’t be solved with a good chat over a bottle of prosecco!”
”I see myself as the friend that people go to when they need advice on themselves, in the sense of what outfit suits them best, advice when clothes shopping or what colour they should paint their nails! Despite trying to make people feel their best, if something doesn’t suit someone I will say (just ask my mum and she will reluctantly confirm!). People put their trust in you when asking for advice and honesty really is the best policy. My tip is to be your own best friend. If a friend is treating you poorly and in a way that makes you uncomfortable, raising the issue is the best way to go about it. To my best friend, we don’t see each other as much as we would like and we don’t speak every day but when we do it’s like nothing has changed and that is my favourite type of friendship. Also, what better friend do you want than one who plans long weekends away in gorgeous European countries for each other!”
”I would say I’m the type of friend you can come to about anything. No matter what has happened I won’t judge. I’ve had friends in the past who have been quite pushy with their opinions and pretty judgemental when I’ve needed them the most – I don’t think this is the best way to be so I try to be open-minded and be there when I’m needed. I’m also very spontaneous so if a friend needs me to road trip up to her at her time of need I’m up for it! Sophie Marshall – I’ve been pals with her for over ten years and although we now live in different cities she will be right by my side throughout life! She’s like my soul sister, it scares me how alike we are! She’s the first one to be supportive of whatever I’m up to and has been there when I’ve been through shit and visa versa. I think as you get older your circle tends to get smaller but you realise who your true friends are!”
Thank you to all the lovely people who helped me out with this post!


  1. March 14, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    AHHHH… LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Thanks for including me x

  2. March 14, 2018 / 10:28 pm

    This is such an adorable post! Love celebrating female friendships cause what would we do without them?? xx

  3. March 15, 2018 / 9:37 am

    This really is so sweet, Thank you for including me – It was nice to reflect on the type of friend I am and the kind of friends I like to have around me

    It is important to show someone you care, noone is ever too busy for a little appreciation

    Great read lovely x x x

  4. March 16, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    Oh Beth I absolutely love this post! This is so nice to see all the different type of friendships out there. I really don’t think there is anything better than finding true people you click with xx


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