Tropic Skincare Face Masks

Tropic Skincare Face Masks

Tropic is a brand I got introduced to in April this year and ever since I’ve been hooked. They have so many amazing skincare and makeup products that it’s impossible not to be. One of my favourite products are their face masks, not only because of their extremely bright and fun packaging, but because they genuinely do the job! I love a good face mask – they’re perfect for pamper nights which I do love a lot.

There’s three face masks in total (left to right in below picture)
–  Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask
– Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask
– Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask

Deep Hydration – £16
This mask is intended to hydrate your skin and soothe any irritated or dry skin you may have. This is a lifesaver in winter/autumn when your skin is feeling like it needs a boost. This mask leaves your skin smelling fresh with a berry scent (best way I can describe it!). You can apply this mask as often as you want and leave on to 20 – 30 minutes. I don’t use this mask as often as the blemish fighting one but it’s still nice to have it in my collection when my skin is feeling a bit dry.

Brightening Mask – £16
The brightening mask is used to firm and brighten your skin. Some of the ingredients include turmeric and clay to brighten the face and also electric daisy extract to tighten lines. This mask doesn’t smell the greatest. It’s a bit like clay but after a while you get used to it. You can apply an even layer twice a week mainly putting it in areas where you want to prevent lines and ageing such as the forehead and neck and leave on for 10 – 20 minutes.

Blemish Fighting Mask – £16
This mask is the one I’ve used the most! I reach for it whenever I’m having a hormonal breakout or when my skin is looking bad. I used it last night and it always makes me feel better about my skin. It has natural ingredients such as willow bark and ginger extracts. If you put this on be prepared for some funny looks when you go downstairs because you do look like shrek!


I’m a huge fan of the packaging especially the pot the mask comes in. They are quite heavy and feel really luxurious. You also get a lot of product in each tub as you only need a small amount each time. With these masks you can do a thing called mask mapping. You may be wondering what the heck that is…

This involves using more than one mask on your face at one time but all in different areas. This is perfect if you have combination skin and you want to use a mixture of all three at once. You firstly need to listen to your skin and realise what it needs. Is it dry? Is it oily? Breaking out? Identify these areas. You can read more on this here and find out which masks are best for what areas.

If you haven’t tried out these masks you need to! They’re now part of my skincare routine and have been for months.
Have you tried these?
Beth x

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