Spectrum ‘White Marbleous’ Brush Set Review

Spectrum Brushes, Makeup Brushes, Review, Spectrum White Marbleous Set

Allow me to introduce to you the most prettiest Instagram worthy makeup brushes you’ll ever set your eyes on. These Spectrum Brushes might be on every bloggers wishlist due to the rose gold detailing which is of course my favourite part. I picked these Spectrum Brushes up at the Clothes Show in December and I couldn’t leave them there. Since featuring them on my Instagram, lots of you wanted to see if they really do work when applying makeup or whether they just look pretty on the side! Spectrum have literally taken the world by storm with their range of brushes and I can totally see why.

Spectrum Brushes, Makeup Brushes, Review, Spectrum White Marbleous Set
Personally I’ve always been a fan of the Real Technique brushes and never really branched out to try any new ones. Real Technique are brushes I’ve loved (and still do love!) since day one and other brushes never really interested me but I thought it was about time I saw what all the fuss was about with Spectrum.
I remember at the Clothes Show there was the Glam Clam collection, White Marbleous and The Bomb Shell collection. It took me soo long to decide but eventually I went with the White Marbleous collection. You get a total of 12 brushes ranging from face, eyebrow and lip brushes which are just absolutely gorgeous. My favourite in the collection is tapered sculptor brush, angled foundation, luxe blender and brow definer.
They honestly are the softest brushes by far and I’d even go as close as saying they are softer than the Real Technique brushes which is saying something! I wash these using baby shampoo just like I do with my other brushes and it seems to work perfectly.
Sometimes it’s quite hard to find the right brushes which are reasonably priced. A lot of brushes come individually or not in a collection but I love the fact Spectrum do big collections with all the brushes you could ever need. Lets be honest, who wants to buy each brush separately? Nah not me!
You can buy the exact same brushes that I’ve just featured here so we can be brushes twins! Also, make sure you check out all of the other beaut collections they have here – I’m already after some more! I’m literally just thinking about the Instagram pictures..


  1. February 10, 2017 / 8:27 am

    They look so pretty! Love the photographs you've taken too. I too have only really stuck with real techniques, I think it's time to branch out.

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  2. February 11, 2017 / 10:27 am

    these are such beautiful brushes, love the rose gold xxx


  3. February 11, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    love the rose gold!! xx


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