Inside The Ideal World ‘Blogger’s Box’

Ideal World Bloggers Box, Surprise Box, Beauty Box, Unboxing Post

When Ideal World approached me regarding a collaboration to review their Blogger’s Box I was instantly intrigued because I’m not one for TV shopping. Incase you didn’t know already, Ideal World is one of the UK’s top shopping channels which sells a variety of different things such as home, DIY, fashion, jewellery, beauty, fitness, kitchen and technical things too so you really can go wild! If you ever need a shopping partner then I’m your girl, but I had no clue about TV shopping until recently. I thought I’d show you what I received in the bloggers box as it was full of products that were brand new to me and if you’re on the look out for some new products then hopefully this post will be useful for you.

Ideal World Bloggers Box, Surprise Box, Beauty Box, Unboxing Post

Let’s start with the lip products first! I’d never heard of the brand Elizabeth Grant but I got sent the Moisture Stick and the Lip Stain in the shade Hollywood Red. At this time of year I’m always wearing moisturising lip balms as with the cold weather chapped lips are not a good look! I can only see the pack of four online but they are super moisturising and you can use it under any lipstick. The lip stain literally does stain your lips and there’s no chance of it coming off.

The last lip product is this gorgeous velvet lip palette – you get the choice of three different palettes… a velvet one, nudes, and tropical kisses. Each one has a different colour scheme so there’s one for everyone. Each palette has six different lip shades which are really creamy and easy to apply onto the lips. It’s currently on offer too so definitely go and have a look – everyone loves a bargain!

Ideal World Bloggers Box, Surprise Box, Beauty Box, Unboxing Post

You might have seen the next product in Boots which is where I’ve seen it, it’s the He-Shi Liquid Tan. On the Ideal World website I can only see it in a set, but if you ever see this out individually then I’d highly recommend trying it. It goes on really easy with no streaks and I don’t find the smell too overpowering like some tans I’ve used. The only downside is it claims to last 7-10 days but I don’t believe that to be true. Usually by the fourth day you have to top up. It’s not the best I’ve tried and it wouldn’t make it as my top tanning product, but it’s definitely worth the try if you’re on the look out for a new one.

Next up is the Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser which is a rich balm that removes makeup. It’s basically just a deep cleansing mask which melts away makeup and dead skin cells. It’s really creamy and the texture makes it really easy to apply onto the skin. I’m not too keen on the scent – it’s really sweet when you first apply it but you do get used to it as you have to leave it on your skin for about 10 minutes for it to work its magic. By that time I’m usually not wanting to remove it as the smell is pretty amazing!

Ideal World Bloggers Box, Surprise Box, Beauty Box, Unboxing Post

Staying on the topic of skin care, last but not least is the Elizabeth Grant Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser. Again, I’m not a fan of the scent as soon as you apply it but you do get used to it and it’s not as strong. It’s definitely not as thick as the Skin cleanser, but it’s still equally as soft and easy to apply. They both do the job and leave my skin feeling soft and cleansed which is always what you want!

That’s it for the Blogger’s Box – I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s inside! Don’t forget to check out the Ideal World  especially now Christmas is quickly approaching. You may find yourself ordering a few gifts from there!

Beth x


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