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What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look

Let me begin by saying, there is no way in hell my bag is usually this tidy! Sometimes my bag does in fact contain chewing gum on old receipts, food crumbs and half of my makeup collection gathering in the bottom of the bag but since getting a smaller new bag, my life has completely changed. I love reading what’s in my bag posts because I love seeing what other people keep in their bags so I thought I’d jump on the what’s in my bag bandwagon and join in!

What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look

My bag is from New Look and as you can see above it’s a gorgeous shell pink colour which is perfect for summer. It can be worn either as a clutch bag or with the shoulder strap but I personally would use it more with the shoulder strap. I can’t find the exact bag that I’ve got online, but I’ve found one very similar which you can look at here. Inside the bag is one zip compartment – it’s not the biggest but it’s big enough to fit a few little things in like your lippy and phone to keep separate. The overall bag has a quilted texture to it which I really like as it feels a lot more luxurious and expensive considering it wasn’t expensive at all! It’s much easier to carry around rather than a bigger bag, although I don’t know about you but I’m constantly switching up my bags.. a girl can never have too bags!

What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look
My purse is Kurt Geiger which I had quite a while ago now but I want something a bit brighter and to match the summer theme of my new bag. I’ve got my eye on the Ted Baker ones as there are so many gorgeous floral prints I love. I just know it would take me a good couple of weeks to come to some sort of decision though…oops!
What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look

Onto the actual purpose of this post, I don’t keep a lot in the bag as this one is obviously quite small compared to my other bags. I guess you can look at that as a good thing as you aren’t carrying a load of crap around with you all day that you don’t necessary need. At least this way it’s things you know you actually will need and use!

Phone – My iPhone which I completely forgot to include in the photo but I take my phone everywhere with me, I can’t be without it. Plus, you never know what Instagram picture opportunity may be around the corner! It’s all about the Instagram shots.

Earphones – You never know when you fancy a bit of a quiet sing along. My favourite songs at the minute are Fool’s GoldHotter Than HellWherever I Go and Don’t Let Me Down. I have so many songs I love at the minute but these came to my head the most and I’ve linked them for you so you can have a listen.

Sunglasses – As it’s been sunny recently, I carry my sunglasses everywhere with me. These ones are from New Look which you can buy here.

Chewing gum – Because why not?!

Pocket Mirror – My pocket mirror is super handy when touching up on the old concealer whilst on the go! Mine is from Cath Kidston, I can’t find the exact one anymore as I had mine ages ago but there’s lots of new pretty ones here.

Lipstick – I’m all for Chanel lipsticks and I like to carry the shade Boy around with me. It’s a muted pink shade with nude undertones – it looks really pretty with any makeup look which is the reason why I carry this around with me as it’s really wearable. Chanel lipsticks apply creamy and effortlessly onto the lips so you don’t really need a mirror. You can check out this lipstick here.

Camera – Whilst on the go, I either take my big camera which is the Nikon L840 or I take my smaller easy to carry camera, Canon sx600 HS. Both of these cameras work really well, however if I had to choose my favourite it would have to be the Nikon. It connects to wifi so I can connect it to my phone and transfer photos over with no hassle at all, you can turn up the brightness straight from the camera and the quality is much better.

Hair ties – Hair ties/bobbles… whatever you want to call them, you get the idea! I wish I knew where half of mine disappeared to though…

What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look


I hope you enjoyed reading some of the essentials I carry around with me in my new bag. Let me know what you keep in your bag.
Beth x




  1. July 25, 2016 / 7:44 am

    first of all, what a pretty bag! 🙂
    I really need a small camera too, because the one, that I've got, I could never fit into a bag haha!
    your blog is lovely by the way, just found it, but now I will be your new reader! xx


  2. July 26, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading it xo

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