Things Best Friends Will Understand

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I decided to put together a ‘things best friends will understand’ post as there’s lots of things us girls do so hopefully you will relate to a few.

1. In any given circumstance, you give each other that ‘certain’ look and you know exactly what it means. Someone’s being annoying? You see an ex? The person you both dislike? The boy you fancy? There’s looks for all of them because you’re both practically professional look givers by now after all the practise.

2. When your instagram and facebook photo is lacking a few likes, you can always rely on each other to comment and like to get over the 11 Instagram like mark. You can’t just have your auntie and mum commenting and liking, right?

3. Getting ready to go out takes hours and hours.. including the outfit shopping that took place beforehand. I’m talking outfits that didn’t come in time from ASOS so you have to go out and help each other pick a last minute outfit and agreeing to both go for similar looks so you’re both looking equally as hot. One of you has a breakdown because your winged eyeliner didn’t turn out as planned, and the other one is having a fit about which clutch bag to wear that matches the outfit.

4. You can both wake up the morning after without speaking to each other both looking like a panda with mascara down your face but you don’t even care because they’ve seen you looking worse. You just lay in bed on your phones for a good half hour checking Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat before you even talk to each other.

5. There’s never anything off limits to talk about no matter how TMI it gets – they know you inside out and there’s no judgement involved. You’ve heard it all by now..literally!

6. You always have to answer the phone to each other because they could be in serious trouble like getting chased by a murderer or stuck on an awkward date and need you to come to the rescue – whatever it is, you’d be there in an instance.

7. If you hear some gossip or someone tells you something you aren’t supposed to tell anyone, obviously your best friend doesn’t count. You are practically the same person so it’s allowed. There are no secrets in this friendship.

8. You can’t remember the last time you actually greeted each other in an iMessage. It usually just begins with ‘GUESS WHAT!!’,  ‘I need to borrow your skirt’ or ‘what do I say back to this’ which then comes with the 20 screenshots to analyse. This happens regularly after every argument, break up or drama.

9. You fully understand when you both have breakdowns and tears at that time of the month, it’s a case of PMS so endless amounts of chocolate, Domino’s and a netflix marathon works wonders.

10. You know instantly when the other person is lying and can fully jump in ready to cover their back and make it sound even more legit.

Beth x

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