Thorntons Valentines Collection & Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching which means it’s either a day with your partner full of love and treats, or a day you consider miserable and lonely.. but it doesn’t have to be that way! Discounted chocolate all the way, right?! A movie night and dominos with the girls sounds much more appealing to me anyway! Either way, loved up or not, I have a treat to share with you and some chocolate which might be coming your way whether it be for your loved one, or for yourself to dive into this Valentine’s Day.
If you’re stuck perhaps on what to get your loved one, don’t know what to plan for the day or ideas on something tasty to cook.. literally anything, then I have your back. Thorntons have put together the most amazing Valentine’s Day post which you can read  – it’s so handy and I highly recommend sharing it with some of your loved ones, or perhaps leaving open hoping for the partner to catch a sneaky peek. I’m actually tempted to make a cake for myself.. is that rather sad!? I’m sure you’ll be seeing it on Instagram or Twitter if I do!

Lets get to the exciting bit. The lovely people at Thorntons are letting you guys win some chocolate.. I know. It’s pretty exciting. Although this post is Valentine’s Day themed, I didn’t just want to restrict the giveaway to people who are loved up and in relationships, because not all of us are! Some of us are single pringles on the day, which is completely okay so I wanted to make sure the giveaway was for everyone single or not.

The giveaway will be held over on my Twitter @bethxlouisex where you have the chance to win the above pictures – the large Thorntons Classic Collection Chocolates, one packet of Thornton milk chocolates and a teddy. I was going to use Rafflecopter but I didn’t want completely random people who make an account just to win free chocolate. I wanted it to be someone I know who is genuinely interested, and I will select the person at random over on Twitter. All you have to do is retweet my tweet and follow me. The giveaway will run until Valentine’s Day and I will get the prizes sent off to the winner.


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