Steps To Having A Productive Day

There’s nothing like sitting back at the end of a day knowing you’ve completed everything that needed to be done, is there? Although, getting to that point is quite difficult. I’ve put together my little guide which will hopefully take you in the right direction to having a productive day when you need it the most..

Get comfy
Are you really going to feel comfy in a pair of tight jeans and an uncomfortable bra? I mean, if that makes you feel the happiest then go for it, but personally I like to grab my pjs and take that bra off. When the bra’s off, I ain’t leaving the house! When my fluffy pjs are on, cosy socks, makeup off and the boobs are free – I mean business.

Lay out your makeup
You might be wondering what the heck this has to do with having a productive day, which is fair enough really, but it really does help you to get organised. I like to lay out my makeup either the night before if I know I’ll be rushing in the morning, or simply to just get organised. This way, I know I won’t be distracted by my drawer of makeup and I’ll just stick to the products I actually need. I can do my makeup pretty quickly these days after lots of ‘I’ll just have 5 more minutes sleep’ and realising you’ve actually been asleep for another 20!

Get up early!
This step might be quite tricky for some of us who love our sleep (me included!). Geez, I find it hard enough getting up as it is! When I get up early, I do like to check my phone and pretty much every social media platform just to check up on what’s going on and I find this wakes me up more. Then I get up and start the day! Try having a shower to wake you up more if you find you’re really struggling.

Clear room, clear mind
There’s nothing better than a clear room where you can actually see the surfaces! I’ll admit the tidying part is an absolute bore, but at the end of the job, it’s really satisfying knowing everything is clean and tidy.

Let’s get list making..
We all know how much a blogger loves a notebook! I’m all about making lists and writing things down. Grab a notebook, make a list of all the things you need to do and prioritise your tasks. Get things done and just stick to what’s on that paper. Sometimes we can’t have a productive day because we don’t know where to start, so if you just stick to what you know you absolutely need to complete, you’re hopefully going to be on the right track.

Take breaks – chill out time
Focussing too hard can put you off completely, so allow yourself some time to relax too. It’s all about getting the right balance so maybe work for 30 minutes and allow yourself a 5/10 minute break.

Put down that phone!
This by far is one of my worst habits. Whenever I’m trying to write a blog post I get distracted by Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, texting my best friend about the latest goss, every possible thing you can think of I do. Put your phone on airplane mode – don’t worry you will survive without tweeting your latest life update for a little while! Or, turn your phone over so the screen is facing downwards so you can’t see when someone likes your new selfie on Instagram! it happens to us all..

Music – make a playlist
I’m the type of person who can’t sit in silence when I’m doing something. I like some background noise whether that be an old episode of towie or a bit of music. I might make a playlist on Spotify to go along with this post if anyone’s interested but music is key for me when I want to get stuff done. It does lead to me sometimes singing along though and getting way into it!

What are your essentials for a productive day?

Beth xox
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  1. October 12, 2015 / 8:42 am

    Comfy is my middle name =]

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