Isle of Wight Trip

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed I seemed to have disappeared under a rock for the past week from all my social media accounts and my blog. That’s because I had a little break away with my family visiting a few places around the UK and it was really lovely. We went to the Isle of Wight but I’m glad to be back home now though. You know when you go away for a while and as lovely as it is, you can’t wait to get back and have your own space again? Exactly that.

I really enjoy reading lifestyle posts so over the next few days and weeks, I thought it would be nice to mix it up a bit and share some of the places I visited with a few pictures I took. Sometimes you don’t even have to go abroad, there are some amazing places right on our doorsteps here in the UK that we don’t even notice. To kick things off I thought I’d start with the Isle Of Wight.

The above picture was taken on my phone so the quality isn’t as great, but me and my mum are huge Liz Earle fans so obviously a trip to the shop was a must when in the Isle of Wight! I’ve never been to an actual Liz Earle shop – I’ve seen it in Boots but never a shop dedicated to everything Liz Earle from skincare to a huge makeup counter. The shop was in a place called Ryde which personally besides Liz Earle, I didn’t find the range of shops that good, but the place Ryde itself was very pretty.

We then went to a place called The Needles which was by far the best. The whole place had such a nice, holiday vibe to it – I felt like I was abroad! To see the famous Isle Of Wight rocks, you could either walk down to the beach to see, or you could also chairlift down to the beach which then brings you back up again so you get a full view of everything. I didn’t do this because I’m not that keen on heights! The water was so blue that I took way too many photos on my phone and camera that were necessary but hey ho! To say I got a bit snap happy would be an understatement. The view was insane and I highly recommend visiting there.

We then went back on the ferry back to Portsmouth as we were staying near Portsmouth as we went to Brighton and a few other places which you shall hear all about in another post! I hope you enjoyed reading something a bit different but as I said, I want to try and mix it up a little as I really enjoy reading lifestyle posts.

Beth x


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