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Thanks to blogging I always have a list as long as my arm of items I want. If I see someone using a palette which looks amazing or pulling off an outfit - I'll most likely want it! I think this can be said for us all though. As I always used to love reading wishlist posts, I've put together a list of 5 things that I've got my eye on at the minute so lets get into it.

1. Fenty Beauty Foundation - I'm sure you've all heard about Fenty Beauty and I desperately want to try the foundation because it sounds like a foundation I would love! I'm all for a full coverage foundation but I need to look into what shade I would be otherwise it's quite a risk ordering one and then realising you have the wrong shade!

2. Dune Ankle Boots - Can we just appreciate how gorgeous these heels are? I first came across them on the Love The Sales. I feel like these are the perfect autumn boots and I'm obsessed with the colour.

3.Olympus Pen Camera - This is the classic blogger camera which I desperately need in my life. You can buy lots of different lenses for it - if I was to get this camera I'd definitely be getting the one which blurs the background! I keep seeing bloggers using this camera and I envy the photos they get with it. I mean, just think of the Instagram photos!

4. Lee Stafford Chopstick Curlers - I really don't need another hair curler in my life (I have 4, don't ask why because I can't even answer it myself) but I've decided this chopstick curler is something I do need. I feel like this will hold curls for much longer. I'm not a fan of the tight curl look, I much prefer it when they've dropped and look more wavy!

5. Huda Beauty Palette - I wouldn't care which one of these palettes I got but they all look so good! I'm gonna put it on my Christmas list.

Beth x

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  1. I have the new HUDA palette and it's honestly worth every single penny. The shades are insane as is the pigmentation! X

  2. A huda beauty palette is on my wishlist also! I have one of her new mini eyeshadow palettes on the way! xx


    1. I keep seeing these! I'm so jealous x

  3. The HUDA palettes look gorgeous and I so have my eye on them too! I bought the chopstick curler last year and I LOVE it. I love creating tight bouncy curls however I still need to perfect the way I use it!

    Tabitha x

    1. I recently bought the curler and I love it! xx


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