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Christmas New Year Party False Eyelashes

As the party season is now upon us with Christmas in less than a week away (eekk!) I thought it was about time I showed you some lashes I'm loving that might come in useful for you if you have any parties planned or just fancy wearing some over Christmas and New Year. In all seriousness though, I feel like this month has completely flown by! I know we're all saying this at the minute but it's just flown. Nothing excites me more than the thought of pigs and blankets in a few days though!! Anyway, if you're anything like me, I do love a good pair of lashes to finish off a makeup look especially at this time of year. I never used to because I always thought they'd be quite uncomfortable to wear but they aren't at all. As long as you apply them correctly and have the correct pair for you, it'll work perfect. This year I've really got into them - allow me to introduce to you two of my favourites.

Christmas New Year Party False Eyelashes

Christmas New Year Party False Eyelashes

My first favourite pair is the Sam Faiers Oh So Natural Lashes* and you can buy them here

I had always wanted to try Sam Faiers lashes as I know she's always got a pair of lashes on mainly because she suffers with Trichotillomania which is a condition that causes her to pull her own eyelashes out. I knew she'd want her range to be perfect so I had high hopes before even opening the package. I opted for the natural pair which is called ''Oh So Natural'' - they really are the most natural lashes but still give that effortless look. They still give plenty of volume and length but not too much. You can wear these day or night depending on the look you're going for and for only £5 you can't go wrong! 

Red Cherry is a brand I had never heard of before until I tried the Wispy pair. The Red Cherry range is much more party style than the Oh So Natural ones, however both pairs still create a statement eye look. 

They're really easy to apply and remove without any hassle needed which is a huge MUST for me! I'm so impatient. I'm definitely the type of girl who has a strop and says she isn't going out anymore just because she can't get her lashes on properly!! The Red Cherry lashes are handmade from real hair too.

I would recommend wearing eyeliner whilst wearing these just to avoid showing the gap between your natural lash line and the false lash line because it makes it look even better.

As it's Christmas, go and treat yourself to some new lashes to wear! If you want the easiest place to order them, check out False Eyelashes - they have a huge range of eyelash brands such as Ardell, Eylure, DUO, Peaches & Cream, Morphe and of course the above lashes I've just mentioned.

Lots of Love,
Beth x

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*This post is in collaboration with the company False Eyelashes which means the items featured in this post were kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions remain my own. Read more on that here.



  1. I tried Red Cherry lately and I LOVE them - definitely a new favourite brand of mine :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  2. oh wow, I must try the sam fairs lashes, they look super prettyy xx


    1. You must! They're so pretty and really easy to apply xo

  3. I tried to start using false lashes in 2016 but couldn't get on with them. They are always so fiddly and I can never do it right. This though, may be absolutely perfect Easy to apply is what I'm looking for.
    Thank you!



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