My Website Has Had A Makeover!

New Website, Kotryna Bass, Website Design, Blog Design

You may have noticed my website has been set on private for the past few days along with the numerous excited tweets from myself. There's been some changes around here. I'm extremely excited to introduce to you the new and improved Beth Louise.
The creative side of blogging is definitely one of my favourite aspects of being a blogger. It comes close to chatting with you all, but nothing can quite top that! I'm such a perfectionist and I wasn't happy with my old design at all. I wanted a more professional look and a design that was more 'photo' focussed. You'll get what I mean when you look at my new design - it shows off my photos which is exactly what I wanted. Photography is something I have a huge interest in and is one of the main things I look for when reading a blog. If a blog has poor quality photographs that are really small it instantly makes me turn away.

New Website, Kotryna Bass, Website Design, Blog Design

New Website, Kotryna Bass, Website Design, Blog Design

I've updated all of my pages including the 'About' page. I've covered a few questions I always get asked and I've also added a 'News' page where I can keep you all updated, especially now that December is here and my giveaways are launching throughout the countdown to Christmas! I've just given you a huge sneak peek there! Another huge factor I wanted in my new blog design was to include all my social media pages, including Snapchat. I wanted it to be interactive, easy to navigate and it was put together with my readers in mind. The person behind all of this is the amazing Kotryna. She really is truly talented and I highly recommend you checking her designs here.

For a while I haven't been as head over heels with blogging as I used to be. I've barely blogged and I haven't felt like I wanted to but I can already tell this is a new start. This for me was more than just a redesign and very different from the previous times I've had it done. This is a relaunch and a completely new direction for my little space on the internet. I want to fall in love with blogging all over again and start doing the type of posts I enjoy reading myself. Things like outfit posts, makeup looks, more personal get to know me posts - I'm always the one my girls go to for advice whether that be what the best highlighter is, boy troubles or mental health so why not share that with you all too? Not only that, but I want to do more travel posts and places I love that I think you'll all love too.

This whole relaunch is taking my blog in a completely new direction, I couldn't feel more excited and I want you all to join me. Thank you so much for all the support and love as always <3

Please leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts and feedback and I'll be back with new posts very soon.

Lots of Love,
Beth x
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  1. Ah, I love it! I love making changes because it makes me feel so refreshed and inspired! :-) xx

    Claire | rose-tinted.com

  2. The new website looks fantastic! I get where you're coming from with it being a totally new start- I've been wanting to change up the appearance of my blog for a while and it's definitely made me less motivated whilst I'm not totally loving it! Can't wait to see where you take it now!


    1. Thank you! I love having it all new and fresh. You should do it! x

  3. I love your new update, it looks wonderful! It's always exciting having a little makeover :) xx

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