Things Companies Need To Stop Doing When Working With Bloggers

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I think we've all experienced the odd company you come across in your emails who make you roll your eyes with despair. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little list of things I feel companies should stop doing when they work with bloggers and I'm sure lots of you will agree with me! I'm genuinely sick of seeing companies just walk all over bloggers. It's so important to know your rights and stand behind your hard work. I've witnessed a few dramas in the blogging world over certain companies and I'm not one to sit back in silence. If something is wrong then I'll say it and I think it's so important to discuss.

1. Just because we're bloggers doesn't mean we'll do things for free. You can't expect us to advertise something on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and a blog post too all for free because with all that comes our time and our effort and we ain't gonna work for free because something has to pay for all these lipsticks I'm buying. You get me?

2. Be honest - lay the boundaries and tell us what it is you want. Don't say something and change it after we've done what you wanted to ask because we'll call you up on it... and lying? Yeah that isn't gonna work either.

3.When the company is constantly pushing their luck or when you've said no over and over but they don't seem to be taking no for an answer, it's really bloody annoying. I've had this recently where a company were constantly emailing me and I politely said I wasn't interested in working with them  and they were completely fine about it. A few days later I get more emails asking if I'd like to work with them and they were being really pushy... umm haven't we just had this conversation? Have you had a knock to the head that's made you forget I said no? I did email back a bit of a rant to them and I haven't heard anything since so it must have worked! In all seriousness though, I can't stand rudeness in companies and it's beyond me how they think that's the way to approach bloggers. No thanks.

4. When I get an email saying ''Hi Mary'' I'm not even gonna bother reading any further. Do you know why? Because Mary is NOT my name. It just proves straight away the company hasn't even given you the time of day and has just sent a random email of crap quite frankly. Toilet cleaner I've been asked to review before, I mean, seriously? Just no.

Beth x

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  1. Hahaha oh my god yes! I have a post similiar to this going up soon and it's actually a relief to hear that bloggers go through the same problems! Seriously why do companies find it hard to find our names? xx


    1. Ooh I'll have to have a read! Exactly, it's really not hard at all and it just shows they've taken no time to actually check our social media pages/blog! x

  2. Yes! I'm so glad there's a new post up! Everyone needs their own time though, so I'm glad you enjoyed it and are back with great ideas! I LOVED this post. It's so true! Bloggers should be valued. It's work we're putting in this and hard work at that. And certainly NO need for rudeness and lying. (To that I say BYE FELICIA) haha. This is a great post as always xo


    1. Aww thank you!! I'm fed up of seeing bloggers being taken advantage of and there are some companies that really need to learn a few things! Thanks for reading lovely xo

  3. I does get very annoying receiving all of these emails wanting you to work for nothing!

    1. It does! I don't understand how they think that's fair in any way x

    2. It does! I don't understand how they think that's fair in any way x

  4. ah emails with a different name are the absolute worst, i don't even read any further! xx



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