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Charlotte Tilbury Feline Liner Review

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Eye Liner Review

Hellooo! This week I've been going through lots of products I've been sent to try by different brands and companies (which has turned out to be quite a task!) and I came across a pile of products that just didn't work for me or that I know I won't use which perhaps my friends or family would get more use out of, and one of the products was the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Liner.

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Eye Liner Review

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Eye Liner Review

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the brands that instantly make me super excited about their products.. the packaging is just amazing. and you just instantly have good hopes for the product you're about to try, but unfortunately this wasn't one of them for me. I'm not one for shining light on products that haven't worked well for me, but I think it's important to be honest with you all just as much as it is to be honest about reviewing products that I absolutely loved.

For the first few times I used this eyeliner, I wasn't blown away, but it was okay to use as just an everyday liner. It applied onto the eyes quite easily, and it stayed put for hours which is always a good sign. After about a week, the product seemed to have gone really dry and it required so much effort to get even the smallest amount of product onto the eyelid which was the most time consuming thing ever! I mean, when you get up in the morning and want to apply your makeup as quick as humanly possible when you're still half asleep, spending 10 minutes trying to get liquid out of an eyeliner seems rather ridiculous when surely that should be an automatic process without any effort required? Nobody's got time for that!

I had such high hopes, as the fine-tipped applicator sets the impression that you could create a really precise winged eyeliner look but it was far from that. It dried up far too quickly and made it literally impossible to use. The only positive I would say is that if it wasn't so dry, it would probably still be just as long lasting as it was in the beginning. It didn't smudge and it stayed put all day. However, it's not the cheapest, at £22, I really would expect more from such a luxury well known brand.

You can buy this product here. Let me know if you've tried this liner and your thoughts on it down below!

Lots of Love,
Beth x

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