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As you're reading this, I'm currently packing for my holiday tomorrow which is rather difficult because as a girl I pretty much want to take my whole bedroom with me! Falsies, a million holiday clothes...I mean, how many bikinis does one girl need?! Obviously it's not possible to bring it all, especially when I know a trip to Sephora is on the cards so the more space I have on the way back, the more new makeup is coming home with me! That's the way I'm looking at it anyway! This post is split into three sections which are makeup, skincare and lifestyle so let's get straight into it.


What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look

Let me begin by saying, there is no way in hell my bag is usually this tidy! Sometimes my bag does in fact contain chewing gum on old receipts, food crumbs and half of my makeup collection gathering in the bottom of the bag but since getting a smaller new bag, my life has completely changed. Without further ado, I shall introduce you to my new beauty...
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