Party Season Lashes | Red Cherry & Sam Faiers

Christmas New Year Party False Eyelashes

As the party season is now upon us with Christmas in less than a week away (eekk!) I thought it was about time I showed you some lashes I'm loving that might come in useful for you if you have any parties planned or just fancy wearing some over Christmas and New Year. In all seriousness though, I feel like this month has completely flown by! I know we're all saying this at the minute but it's just flown. Nothing excites me more than the thought of pigs and blankets in a few days though!! Anyway, if you're anything like me, I do love a good pair of lashes to finish off a makeup look especially at this time of year. I never used to because I always thought they'd be quite uncomfortable to wear but they aren't at all. As long as you apply them correctly and have the correct pair for you, it'll work perfect. This year I've really got into them - allow me to introduce to you two of my favourites.


My Website Has Had A Makeover!

New Website, Kotryna Bass, Website Design, Blog Design

You may have noticed my website has been set on private for the past few days along with the numerous excited tweets from myself. There's been some changes around here. I'm extremely excited to introduce to you the new and improved Beth Louise.


Inside The Ideal World 'Blogger's Box'

Ideal World Bloggers Box, Surprise Box, Beauty Box, Unboxing Post

When Ideal World approached me regarding a collaboration I was instantly intrigued because I'm not one for TV shopping. Incase you didn't know already, Ideal World is one of the UK's top shopping channels which sells a variety of different things such as home, DIY, fashion, jewellery, beauty, fitness, kitchen and technical things too so you really can go wild! I'll openly admit I had never heard of them before as I'm not a TV shopping fan. If you ever need a shopping partner then I'm your girl, but I had no clue about TV shopping until recently. I thought I'd show you what I received in the 'Blogger's Box' as it was full of products that were brand new to me and if you're on the look out for some new products then hopefully this post will be useful for you.


September Monthly Favourites

September Monthly Favourites

It's that time again - monthly favourites time! I seriously cannot believe it's October and I know the whole world is saying this at the minute so I'll save you the whole ''where has the year gone?!'' talk.. I'm not complaining in the slightest though. This time of year is my absolute favourite - all the pretty lights, candles, halloween, bonfire night, red lips, netflix marathons in bed (although I seem to do that all year round) and the best one of all is getting away with not wearing a bra underneath all the layers!! Anyway, allow me to introduce you to this months favourites...


Things Companies Need To Stop Doing When Working With Bloggers

Things Companies Need To Stop Doing, PR Company Tips, Blogger Company Tips

I think we've all experienced the odd company you come across in your emails who make you roll your eyes with despair. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little list of things I feel companies should stop doing when they work with bloggers and I'm sure lots of you will agree with me! I'm genuinely sick of seeing companies just walk all over bloggers. It's so important to know your rights and stand behind your hard work. I've witnessed a few dramas in the blogging world over certain companies and I'm not one to sit back in silence. If something is wrong then I'll say it and I think it's so important to discuss.



10 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

Stupid Things Boys Do, Things Boys Do That Girls Hate, Things Girls Wish Boys Knew

Recently I've been loving writing these ''10 things..'' posts and I've got lots of titles saved in my drafts for future uploads but today I'm talking 10 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew because let's be honest, there's a lot! I wrote a post called Things You and Your Best Friend Will Understand which you can read here if you missed it, and I also did a Blogger Problems post here.



My Lipstick Storage

Lipstick Storage, Acrylic Makeup Storage

When collecting lipsticks is your thing, it's very hard to find suitable storage. I own way too many lipsticks...god only knows why I need the same colour from 7 different brands. I can't even justify that with a valid reason but if you're a lipstick lover, you'll probably be nodding along in agreement here.


My High End Top Favourite Products

High End Beauty Favourites, Mac, Nars, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Luxury Makeup, Makeup Favourites, Dior

I'll hold my hands up now and say I'm a makeup addict. I don't even have enough space in my makeup storage yet I still seem to buy more.. I'm not the only one, right? I'm looking to change up my makeup storage a bit so I actually have enough space. Today I thought I'd put together a few of my 'high end' favourite buys incase some of you are looking at getting some new makeup or are just generally interested in what makeup other people use. In a separate post I'm going to also show you my favourite drugstore products for those of you who want to see a more affordable version.


Why I Won't Be Promoting Coconut Lane Anymore

Coconut Lane

Before I get into the full post I just want to quickly say, I'm not one for slating brands and companies and I would never normally write a post on this, especially on businesses who are trying to get started, but there are ways of getting started and lying to people isn't one of them. Of course, they have a right to give their side to the story and if they ever wanted to give their side then I'd listen, however, I just want to give my thoughts and vibes which will be further down in the post and to tell you all why I will no longer be working with the company as I know many of you are feeling the same way as me. Remaining honest to my readers and being genuine is much more important to me than lying to you and making you buy products that don't sit quite right with me which is why I'm completely out.


10 Things You Need To Remember At All Times

Lifestyle, Everyday Inspiration, Life Tips

1. Never get so busy trying to make a living that you forget to make a life. You hear people say they wished they travelled more or stopped worrying so much about things they can't control. If you're stressing over money or your career choices, yes they are both important there's no denying that, but they aren't everything. Your happiness and actually living your life is much more important. You won't be thinking of how much money you earned or the time you worried so much when you're on your deathbed. You'll be thinking of the time you and your friends stayed up late laughing until your stomachs hurt, the time you watched the sunset whilst travelling, or went to your favourite concert. Those things are much more important.



Blog Photo Prop Ideas

Photo Prop Ideas, Blogger Photo Inspiration, Photo Props For New Bloggers, New Blogger Tips, Blogger Tips and Tricks

As a blogger I'm constantly on the lookout for photo props and I know I'm not the only one. I think I'm slowly driving everyone in the house insane by rummaging around for any hidden goods! The marble blogger craze has been all the talk for many months as I'm sure you know, and I've yet to go down that road surprisingly. I couldn't find a suitable one for a while but whilst typing up this post, I've managed to come across a few marble props that have taken my fancy. In the meantime I've made do with other things which I thought I'd show you today so you can get a few ideas for yourself.


The Holiday Edit | Makeup, Skincare and Lifestyle

Holiday Inspiration, Holiday Beauty, What To Take On Holiday, Holiday Summer Packing, Beauty, Makeup, Lifestyle

As you're reading this, I'm currently packing for my holiday tomorrow which is rather difficult because as a girl I pretty much want to take my whole bedroom with me! Falsies, a million holiday clothes...I mean, how many bikinis does one girl need?! Obviously it's not possible to bring it all, especially when I know a trip to Sephora is on the cards so the more space I have on the way back, the more new makeup is coming home with me! That's the way I'm looking at it anyway! This post is split into three sections which are makeup, skincare and lifestyle so let's get straight into it.


What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag, Handbags, New Look

Let me begin by saying, there is no way in hell my bag is usually this tidy! Sometimes my bag does in fact contain chewing gum on old receipts, food crumbs and half of my makeup collection gathering in the bottom of the bag but since getting a smaller new bag, my life has completely changed. Without further ado, I shall introduce you to my new beauty...


Things You and Your Best Friend Will Understand

Lifestyle Post, Relatable Posts, Why You're Besties, Best Friend

1. In any given circumstance, you give each other that 'certain' look and you know exactly what it means. Someone's being annoying? You see an ex? The person you both dislike? The boy you fancy? There's looks for all of them because you're both practically professional look givers by now after all the practise.



A Few New Treats From Lush

Lush Haul, Lush Favourite Products, Flamingo Lush, Marshmallow Lush, Lush Bubble Ba

Yes, I do have a serious Lush problem... I just can't help myself. I'm constantly in that shop! This isn't the biggest haul to date - I mean, does two products really count as a haul? That aside, I thought I would show you the products I picked up, as one of them is a new launch that I had never tried before and I think you'll all really like it if you love the Snow Fairy scent. I could have gone much more overboard but I managed to resist, but I'm sure another Lush Haul will be coming your way very soon!



The Perfect Pamper Treat With Aromatherapy

I've always been a fan of relaxing products and baths for as long as I can remember so when I received the Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Oils for my birthday back in February, I was very excited. Personally, having a bath is one of my favourite ways to relax, especially with a good book and a few gorgeous relaxing products which tend to be from Lush! My expectations were high from reading so many good reviews, and I wasn't disappointed.


An Upcoming Fashion Event

Fashion Event, Basingstoke, Festival Place

A few weeks ago an exciting email landed in my inbox and I just knew I had to give it a little mention, especially as we have a long weekend of us (which I'm very excited about!), so perhaps you're looking for things to do May which has quickly approached us. Unfortunately I can't make the event myself, but I thought for you beauty and fashion lovers out there you might be interested.


Current Beauty Favourites

Current Beauty Favourites, Makeup Favourites, Nars, Collection, Tangle Teezer

Hi lovelies! It feels like absolutely ages since I last did a favourites post. Up until now I wasn't trying any new products or loving any products enough to write one. I always want my posts to be products I'm actually using and loving and that wasn't the case the past few months. However, I've now been using lots of new products and some old favourites that I've gone back to which I want to share with you all. Without further ado, I'll get onto the good stuff!



Stunning New Jewellery Box Pieces

Jewellery Box, New Jewellery
*This post is in collaboration with Jewellery Box but all views are my own
Hi everyone! You may or may not remember me but there was a time I was consistent on this blog and it seems that it's been almost two weeks since the last post.. I know.. it's pretty shocking. I haven't disappeared off the internet completely though. I'm always tweeting (@bethxlouisex) and I've even got snapchat now (bethxlouisex) so I'm never that far away. Just life happens and blog design disasters! I've gone back to my old design mainly because I wasn't really feeling it with my old one. I felt it was too plain and not enough going on so I hope you all like it.


Spring Makeup You Need

Spring Makeup, New Season Makeup, Seasonal Makeup Looks, Spring Makeup Tutorials, Nars, YSL, Makeup

Spring is not far around the corner, it will be here before we know it, so I thought I'd show you some products I've been wearing lately to get me in the spring spirit. It's starting to feel like we've left the darker days behind us as I've been seeing a lot more of the sun than I have in a very long time which is always good to see!


My Birthday Trip To Brighton

Brighton, What To Do in Brighton, Brighton Beach, Brighton Pier, Brighton Shops, Brighton GBK, Brighton Sunsets
You know those particular photos you can look back at and instantly smile? This is one them. Every time I look at these pictures, I just want to go back to the whole weekend. For my birthday last month myself and my family took a trip to Brighton - there's something different about being away for your birthday, and I'm rarely at home for mine every single year. It couldn't have been more perfect!


Buckley London Bracelets

Buckley London Bracelets, Bracelets, Jewellery

I'm a sucker for pretty jewellery, especially when Buckley London* is involved. The entire range is filled with stunning pieces ranging from bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings all of which are amazing statement fashion items. As Mother's Day is approaching, Buckley London have their collection which is highly worth the look if you fancy treating the mum this Mother's Day.


A Late 2015 Beauty Favourites!

Beauty Favourites, Annual Beauty Favourites, Makeup, Beauty, Top Products, Urban Decay Favourites, Mac, YSL

Before you start thinking 'hang on Beth, it's February, isn't it a bit late for last years favourites?!' - I can explain. I completely forgot I had this post sitting in my drafts and I thought it would be a waste to just forget about it so here comes the latest post you'll ever see! Decision making is definitely not my strongest point so you can imagine how tricky I found it when it came to picking my favourites of 2015. Somehow I managed to cut it down, and some of these products will be no surprise to those of you who are regular readers of my blog, as they probably have featured quite a lot either talked about on my twitter or blog in the past.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

Beauty Blog, Anastasia Bevery Hills Contour Kit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Review, Makeup, Swatches

For Christmas, I was very excited when I opened the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and I gave a little squeal of joy! It's a very hyped up beauty product within the blogging and YouTube world and the only other product I've tried from the brand is the Dip Brow Promade which I absolutely love, so I was so excited to give it a try as I was already expecting good things, and I wasn't disappointed either. I thought I'd give you a bit of a run down on a detailed review of my personal thoughts and opinions on the very much loved contour kit.


Thorntons Valentines Collection & Giveaway

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching which means it's either a day with your partner full of love and treats, or a day you consider miserable and lonely.. but it doesn't have to be that way! Discounted chocolate all the way, right?! A movie night and dominos with the girls sounds much more appealing to me anyway! Either way, loved up or not, I have a treat to share with you and some chocolate which might be coming your way whether it be for your loved one, or for yourself to dive into this Valentine's Day.


Blogger Problems

Throughout my blogging time, I've noticed a few things that annoy me or have become 'blogger problems'. I couldn't really think of a blog post today as I haven't blogged in a few days and I was seriously lacking the blogging mojo! I thought I'd put together a list of things that I thought of quickly and perhaps you can relate to a few too for the lols.

1. Going onto Twitter and see another drama has gone down.. Surprised?  Not really.. who's supplying the popcorn?

2. Getting an email and seeing the opening line is ''Hello Mary''. If that wasn't bad enough, it's also about reviewing toilet cleaner.. sorry WHAT?! Not only get my name completely wrong, but think my blog is suitable for discussing how good my toilet now smells? Move along please..

3. When someone sends you a compliment about your blog or a lovely message in general that makes you feel all the feels. Free hugs for everyone!

4. Going to take blog photos and your camera decides to die or has no storage. .camera, are you taking the piss?! Yes I think you are.

5. The bloggers that use the #prrequest hashtag as if it's a flipping place to request every single thing you could ever want. Do you want to request they pay for your bills and a new house too, sweetie? Perhaps a car too?..

6. When your family and friends say ''do you really need more makeup?'' yes, I really do need all the makeup. Step aside because soon enough I'll be having the killer brows and the contouring skills of Kim Kardashian so please do not judge. And even then.. I still won't have enough makeup. Can a girl even have too much makeup? I think not.

7. When birthdays and Christmas roll around.. No problem thinking of stuff you want when mum asks. Here comes the never ending list of makeup.

8. Trying to photograph products and the lippy starts rolling all over the place ruining the shot. Can you not? Blu Tack where are you?

9. Shit lighting. That is all.

10. Forever getting the eye roll from friends or family for taking too many photos - 'don't eat it yet, I need to take a picture!'...bitch, it goes with my Instagram theme okay? You'll eat it in a minute when I say.

11. The bloggers who are now apparently ''too big'' to reply to a tweet when you ask a genuine question. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot, you are now the next Zoella of the blogging world. Step aside guys.

12. Waiting for the postman to deliver some goodies you've been waiting for.. only to find out he doesn't even knock the door and just assumes you're out so you can't even get the delivery in the first place. Um excuse me I am here! I can see you...idiot.

Beth xox
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