Current Favourites

Hi everyone! I was considering calling this a September Favourites post as I photographed all these photos way before I'm writing it up today (talk about disorganised!), but September is too far gone for that. It's nearly the end of October so I couldn't really justify it. Instead, I've decided to call it my current favourites because these products I'm still using on a day to day basis and loving them dearly. So without further ado, let's get into it.


Lush Christmas Haul

Ahh Lush - possibly the only shop that actually excites me to the point I give a little scream of joy inside. Whilst I was in Town on Saturday, I noticed they had all the Christmas products out. My god.. it made my entire weekend. I was like an excited child in a sweet shop. .literally. I don't think anyone can go into Lush and resist buying anything - if you can I'm extremely jealous of you! There are a few more bits and pieces I want to get from the Christmas collection so I'm sure you'll be seeing a part 2 haul very soon!


Steps To Having A Productive Day

There's nothing like sitting back at the end of a day knowing you've completed everything that needed to be done, is there? Although, getting to that point is quite difficult. I've put together my little guide which will hopefully take you in the right direction to having a productive day when you need it the most..
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