My Mac Lipstick Collection

Isn't there something really satisfying about a row of lipsticks - just me? I was contemplating whether or not actually calling this post a collection because I will admit, it's not exactly a collection. I don't really splash out on Mac lipsticks all that much unless I'm in the spending mood or I'm near a Mac store which is practically impossible these days because there isn't one near me, but saying that, the Mac lipsticks that I do own, I absolutely adore. There's just something about the neat black packaging that is pleasing to the eye. Is it bad that I even love the smell?!


New Favourite Summer Necklace

Hi everyone! As the weather has been very hot recently, I thought I'd talk about a summer jewellery piece that I have been loving. Although, whilst I type this, it's currently really cloudy and picking to rain. I'm not one to wear a lot of jewellery. It's only recently that I have started to wear a lot more than I usually would. I would put it down to me being lazy and forgetting to even bother!
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