New Favourite Affordable Bronzer

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Oh how I do love a good contour. Saying that, I do find it hard sometimes to find the 'perfect' contour shade especially for the pale girls out there. Strolling around Tesco the other day, as a blogger does, I decided to have a browse at the beauty section. Tesco surprisingly have a huge beauty area with lots of things going on such as nails being painted, brows being shaped - it's insane! When I came across the Barbara Daly Velvet Touch Bronzer in the shade Natural bronze and it was love at first sight.


Current Skincare Favourites

As much as all things beauty hold a huge place in my heart, skincare isn't one of them. I've stuck to the same skincare routine for years and I just don't bother as much with my skin as I probably should do. I thought I'd share my current skincare favourites - some are old classics that have been my favourites for years, but one is a newbie that deserves a little mention.
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